Guitarist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, instructor.

I am a guitarist, doing live gigs and session work.

I am a composer, writing in multiple styles.

I am an arranger, writing commissioned arrangements and orchestrations in multiple styles and varying ensemble settings.

I am a private music instructor, teaching at Arts On Elm (beginning August 1st 2015), out of my home, and via the web.

I’ve played guitar with multiple bands in the St Louis area.

The initial release of my debut C.D. Freedom, made the Grammy finalists list for Best Contemporary Jazz Release in 2004, and received critical acclaim, including getting onto the Grammy finalist for nomination list for Best Contemporary Jazz Album in 2003.

I re-mastered and re-released this under the title: “Freedom Re-Mastered” in 2014, under limited release (now unavailable) and have recently released “Remember” in March 2015.

I was featured in the Oct. 2005 Guitar Player magazine, an international publication with a history of 40 years, I was named one of the world’s top ten undiscovered guitarists by the editors of the magazine. 10 finalists were chosen by the editors of GP magazine, out of 3000 submissions from all over the world.

Although my main focus has been jazz and fusion, I strive to be widely diverse; playing, writing and arranging every style in contemporary music.

My orchestral compositions draw influence from John Williams, James Horner, Bear McCreary, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer and mix in the more industrial textures of Trent Reznor. These combined elements put my work for big theatrical shows in high demand.

I am available for remote guitar session work, custom orchestral arrangements to enhance existing tracks, or full custom stand alone orchestral arrangements. Contact me if I can serve you in any of these areas.


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