available for purchase on Bandcamp:


Steve Lukather, Jonah Nilsson (Dirty Loops), Guthrie Govan, Jimmy Haslip, Mark Lettieri, Bear McCreary, Scott Henderson, Joel Hoekstra, Jeff Berlin, Arun Shenoy, Deane Ogden, Ray Riendeau, Jamie Glaser, Derryl Gabel, Steve Vai, Greg Koch, Brett Garsed, Wendell Holmes,  Joe Chawki, Rusty Cooley, Alessandro Benvenuti


“Wow that is insanely cool and INCREDIBLE playing and thats just the first track! Amazing musicians and you are just incredible man.. fuck. haha I wish you the very best with this Scott.” – Steve Lukather, Toto (and every other artist known to mankind)


“Special public thanks to Scott Jones in St.Louis for pro work and an amazing job on my track! Wow! Out of this world man! I see many good collaborations in the future man. Contact him if you need guitar or orchestral type work done. Thanks again! Stay tuned everyone. The new music is coming…….” – Phil Smedley II


“It is always a huge thrill when you’ve conceived a tune, you put it down, it needs something, you reach out and the person just kills and perfectly interprets your tune. I will post a link to Scott Jones CD later. Scott is a killing guitar player who just tracked for one of my more fusiony tunes for the record-to-come. GREAT WORK, SCOTT!!!!

One of my best friends is a guitar player. Although he loves rock and comes out of R&B (maybe similar to Ernie Isley), he didn’t come up with any kind of jazz or improvisational skills beyond great screaming. But he is the guy I bounce guitar things off of. We worked successfully in a production team that won a Grammy in 1980, came from the same neighborhood, etc. I had him over to listen to parts of Scott’s CD. He said, “Shit man, you are right. This guy is the truth.” So, I played my track here for him a few minutes ago. Scott Jones is now on his Mt. Rushmore of guitarists deserving wider recognition.”

Basil Fearrington


“I just checked out your songs now! Sounds hot! Your a very skilled musician, man!” (Jonah Nilsson, Dirty Loops)


In response to someone asking Guthrie Govan about me after I spent a day jamming with him and Bumblefoot (Guns and Roses), back in 2005:

“Of course I remember Scott! He’s a nice guy as well as a fantastic guitar player!”

(Guthrie Govan)


“Scott, so I’ve been going through your album today…holy hell man! Your chops are insaneballs!”

– Mark Lettieri, guitarist (Snarky Puppy)


“Hey Scott . . . Music sounds great and your playing is great . . let’s stay in touch . . . ”

Jimmy Haslip, bassist: (Yellowjackets, Allan Holdsworth)


In response to an email I sent to Bear McCreary:

“Scott, Thanks for the kind words, man. I always appreciate compliments from musicians, especially such well-rounded ones as yourself. Keep up the playing, man. Your stuff sounds great. I’ve always been a huge fan of Vai, especially his Fire Garden and live albums…

– Bear McCreary – composer (Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Europa Report)


Hi Scott,

Your bonus CD’s were REALLY cool and you’re a very versatile

player which I can very much relate to as I’ve always leaned that

way myself. It’s always good to hear guys like you who aren’t so

one dimensional.

The Freedom CD is amazing! My tastes haven’t been leaning

towards intricate composition like that for a long time, …now I’m

lazy and would rather just improvise. haha

All your stuff sounds great and I’d love to hear you play live

sometime. Hopefully you can line up some gigs out here in the

future. Thanks again and see ya soon.

– Scott Henderson (2005)



Hi Scott,
Just checked out your record – wow, that’s really difficult music and you have amazing chops! It reminds me of the Tribal Tech days when we were writing stuff that was always too hard for me to play! Really cool stuff though – I can’t even imagine the rehearsals OMG. The mix is really good and the guitar tone is super clear even when you’re playing those ungodly lines!
Thanks again for helping with Vibe Station and keep in touch!
All the best,


“Clearly you are a man of great talent. Thank you so much for sharing your music with me.”

Jeff Berlin (Holdsworth, Bruford)


“Completely bad ass!” – Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Transiberian Orchestra, Night Ranger)


“If you like Rock Fusion, and Jazz Rock, make sure to check <a>Scott Jones</a>!!! He is a good friend and a stunning guitar player!!! He recently re-released his CD titled FREEDOM, and this is a must have CD!!!” – Alessandro Benvenuti


“Hi Scott – just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words. Honestly, you’ve been an inspiration to me for a long time – I remember coming across some recordings of yours online many years ago, like at least 10 years ago, and being amazed at the range of styles you played and the fact that you clearly were so diligent and hard working as a composer and player. Your technique and facility have always inspired me and the fact that you have such a clearly defined vision as a musician and as a guitarist has always been an artistic ideal that I aspire to emulate.
I appreciate the example you set of someone who works hard to achieve a high level of quality in their musical presentation. Your musical output is an example to me of what’s possible if you work hard enough.
So yeah – thank you for the encouragement. I’m truly grateful.

Your stuff feels fresh to me, and it feels like you’ve taken the time to craft musical settings for what you do that are personal and not hemmed in by dogma or self-imposed restrictions.” – Paul Pieper


“You are the only guy I know that can play/ compose something of the styles of COLDPLAY all the way to crazy fusiony stuff like Tribal Tech or Virgil Donati. You’re definitely a genius and the world needs to know more about you.” Andre Boyd, drummer – (Cirque du Soleil)


“Beautiful playing on “For the Love of God” I like it better than Steves version..beautiful legatto playing and the arpegiated runs sound clearer and more precise than his ..basically you sound BETTER mate.. and thats saying a TON because he’s up there with the Kings!!” – Jeffrey Mitchell


FROM Deane Ogden (Composer: London Olympics, Bejing Olympics; Drummer: Usher, Joss Stone, Brittany Spears, Gavin De Graw) Regarding my work on his world music CD “Eastern Chronicle”

“I’m sitting here referencing final mixes from my solo record project and I gotta give another shout out to Scott Jones.

Sometimes I stare at my guitar from across the room and think, “Man, someday I’d really like to spend the time to learn that sucker inside and out. Maybe I could be a good player if I worked at it more.” But then I listen to the work that Scott has done on “Eastern Chronicle” and… well, it’s like starring at a basketball and thinking you could be a hoopster if you ‘just would practice a little’… and then catching a Michael Jordan game on ESPN Classic. You just realize that some people have an innate talent that runs deep through their viens that they never “learned” or mustered by force… it just *is*. That’s Scott.

If you are in need of a studio (or live) guitarist who understands the intricacies and nuances of solid production, tone, technique and individuality combined with ‘playing for the song’, get this guy on your material. I cannot recommend him enough.

Best guitarist I’ve ever worked with… And that covers a few in 30 years. There was never another choice for the lead track on my new record. If you can get Scott, just pull the trigger and do it. You won’t regret it.”


FROM Arun Shenoy (Grammy nominated for his 2012 world music release, “Rumbadoodle”)

“Hello Scott. Just a short note to say hello and hope all is well with you.

I have actually been spending the past few days enjoying the playlist on your variety pack.

All 49 tracks of it and I have to say amazing diversity. The music keeps weaving through so many genres and styles, it is truly incredible.

Off the top of my head a few tracks that come to mind are:

(Deane Ogden’s track) “Dhompe Dhompe”.

Your “Sitar Feature” and “Desert Nails” for their lovely world inspired production, (something I work on quite extensively myself).

And having started off my music career on the guitar inspired by the likes of Slash, Satch and Vai, you will understand when I say I truly loved (your rendition of Vai’s) “For the Love of God” and the very Satch sounding “Ambient Rock Jam”.

Some other tracks I remember were “The Next Day” for its melody/hook, “Three From One” for the incredible combination of jazz sax and electronica.

Also the lovely rendition of “Star Spangled Banner” as well as the acapella track “What Child Is This”.

Thank you for sharing the music and I am really blown away by the versatility of your work.”

Warm regards, Arun.


FROM Bassist, Ray Riendeau (James LaBrie, Star Monarchy, Rob Halford)

“Listening to some killer gtr tracks sent from Scott Jones for one of my new instrumental tracks. You can checkout his amazing playing here:”



FROM guitarist, Jamie Glaser (Jean-Luc Ponty)

“I’ve just listened to several of the things.. its just amazing what you have presented here. It’s really nice to hear you doing this music of yours, played so well, so technically demanding, but always with feeling. I am really impressed with you. All this is to say, I enjoyed listening to you, and since I don’t listen much to anything it was a pleasure to hear you at this 4 am hour when I just finished an 18 hour day of music jobs.”


“You’re the best “unknown” fusion guy I’ve heard…

I think your compositions blow mine Away!”

(Derryl Gabel)


“It’s nice to hear folks still stretching the boundaries.

It’s amazing… sounds like a labor of love”

(Steve Vai)


Great stuff on the cd. My first reaction was, “there has to be some savage

tunes happening at the church where you’re the director.” Cool melodies and

arrangements and the playing was excellent!

(Greg Koch, Favored Nations recording artist; Fender and Hal Leonard




I just listened to your cd and it’s a killer mate! Man, I can’t believe the

complexity of your tunes and especially the intricacy of the drum


I’d gladly return the gesture and send you a copy of my album but it’s very

much a rock/pop album so it may sound a bit primitive to your ears.

Once again, congratulations on doing such a great job Scott.

Just great writing and also the musicianship is top notch!


(Brett Garsed)


Your CD is absolutely great!! I hear a lot of different influences from

Holdsworth, Henderson, Di Meola , Benson, and even a bit of Zappa…I’m

definitely enjoying it….man I got to tell you your writing is incredible!!

…and those unison lines on some of the tunes are killer!

(Rusty Cooley, Lion Music Recording Artist)


“The thing that is particularly special about Scott is his wide vision…
I could easily trust him to score a movie, a video game, do a top 40 gig, a jazz gig, a fusion gig, a rock gig, and a classical gig…and he’s gonna do it all with grace…

That’s exactly where I want to be one day!” – Joe Chawki




“Our awesomely talented guitarist Scott Jones has been composing music with many artists nationwide and his hard work is really paying off! He also has two amazing, beautiful and talented children for whom he lives his life. He’s one of the best dads we all know, and we respect him in many, many ways. Due to our very busy schedule of gigging every week, Scott has sacrificed a lot of his weekends with his children and he has not been able to completely focus on them or his work. So, it is bittersweet to announce he is departing <a>The UltraViolets</a> after almost two years of being with us. We are so excited for him, though, and he will forever remain an UltraViolet. Please “like” his Facebook page to follow his musical journey, and you may see him subbing occasionally with other bands in town as his schedule permits.” – Linda Gaal’s announcement of my departure from the Ultraviolets in March 2013.

“Scott. You’ve not only been a very hard work and superb musician but you’ve been a fantastic bandmate and friend. Very positive. You’ve inspired me, truly. The last two years have been very memorable for many reasons and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re first-class, no doubt about it! You know you have our support in all of your musical endeavors!!” – Linda Gaal, vocalist and bandleader w the Ultraviolets

“Brother, I started missing you immediately after we played our very last note of the evening, last Saturday night.” – Rob Amaro, drummer w the Ultraviolets


From Jambone guitarist, Patrick Ryan, regarding my filling in for him in August and September 2013:

“I was away on tour the last 3 weeks and was fortunate to have a great friend, and incredibly talented guitarist <a>Scott Jones</a> fill in for me. I can’t speak highly enough of him, or express my gratitude enough! He learned 45+ songs in a little over a week and walked in like he had been playing with the band for years! Thanks for keeping us on track, and making everything go a seamlessly as possible. You are a true friend.” – Pat Ryan


FROM Kristen Schindler, vocalist and leader of Jambone, regarding my filling in with them August and September 2013:

“We want to say THANK YOU to Scott Jones for playing with us while Pat was on the road. It was a real privilege to share the stage with ya!! What a true professional and a great musician!!! We really appreciate all of the hard work and time you put in. THANK YOU!!!!” – Kristen Schindler


FROM Joe Gilbert, bassist for Plastic regarding my filling in with them in June and July 2013

<a>Scott</a> is the super sub guitar player in St. Louis! Rock it!!!


FROM Jon Gillespie, singer/songwriter/guitarist/bassist

“Scott Jones just finished up work on 6 out of 8 tracks on my new album “Inside The Magic”.

From the Orchestration arrangement on “My Fathers Song”

( ),

String Ensemble arrangement on “The Story”

and Horn arrangement on “Slam Funk”,

Scott paid particular attention to the melody and harmony voicing’s in these three pieces to come up with truly jaw dropping and magical arrangements.

The Synth and Key arrangements on “Inside The Magic”

( )

and “To Love You Now” are also amazing, giving these two a sweet magical glaze that just kind of hovers over them.

And last but not least the remarkable Drum Ensemble Scott did on “Love Chant”.

( )

This is one kick ass huge wall of drums add on that I used instead of the regular drum kit that was originally on the track. My granddaughter was with me when I first heard it, and she asked me if that was The Lion King Playing. What a Great complement from a 6 yr. old, LOL.

All in all, the additions that Scott contributed to my album took these otherwise normal sounding songs to a completely other place. It really brought these song up about 10 notches.

Thank you so very much Scott, You are the Man!!!”



“Scott played a solo on a tune of mine earlier this year that absolutely made the track. He couldn’t have been easier to work with, and he’s a masterful musician. Every time I listen to his solo, I get a huge smile on my face!” -Keyboardist, composer, guitarist Brad Gregg


“Scott Jones is playing all over my 2013 new soon to be release jazz/fusion record and I must say he is one of my all time favorite musicians. His musicality, feel, chops and personality is hard to come by. I would recommend Scott to do any kind of sessions, tours, concerts, lessons, etc

My dream is to be on tour playing my own music w my All Star band which would include The Great Scott Jones on guitar.”

Wendell Holmes, drummer/composer



“December 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Scott Jones.

As the Technical Producer at Grace for the last 17 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Scott.  He served for years in many key musical roles at Grace in a professional capacity.

Scott served in roles as band director, musician [guitar/bass/keys/drums] and composer/arranger.  Scott was a primary creative force within all musical aspects of weekly services as well as our large Drummer Boy Christmas Productions, attended by tens of thousands.

Scott is an experienced, competent, thorough, and passionate musician, who draws from a wide range of talents, and abilities.  His creativity, composition/arranging ability and attention to musical detail, are some of the highlights of his exemplary work.

Scott is a resourceful, solution-oriented person who consistently was able to come up with innovative approaches to large musical projects.

I would highly recommend Scott’s musical talents to you.  I feel confident he would be a tremendous asset to your organization or project.  If you would like further elaboration, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Ron Krause [Tech Prod. ~Grace]

314.397.3150 // ”


“A person should learn of Scott Jones’ incredible guitartistry not because of boredom, but because of its expansive and inspiring conveyance of Scott’s own soul.” – Mike West (Aryuserius guitarist and mastermind)


“…this is what Allan Holdsworth should be and could be doing.”

author: Greg Cummins / Sea of Tranquility

Within seconds of putting this disc on for review I knew Scott Jones had me in the palm of his hands. This guy is a monster player of the highest caliber and puts a lot of the work by the regular stalwarts of the industry to shame.

With a special mention of thanks to such luminaries as Allan Holdsworth and Steve Vai, from whom he is surely influenced, Scott knows a lot about song structure, originality and style and yet manages to engage the listener with a collection of 16 brilliant songs that encompass a lot of what the best in the business often fail to deliver.

It is extremely hard to believe that for the most part, you are only listening to one musician as the drumming; the additional percussives and the overall rhythm of his songs are so brilliantly executed. Whereas many albums that use synthesized drums have that inherently cold feeling where you know intuitively, you are being tricked into thinking a real drummer is at hand, Scott sure has an amazing talent in the sequencing department as his control of this aspect of his music is so compellingly plausible. The fills, triplets and cymbal work is so convincing, crisp and accurate, you would be forgiven for thinking Steve Gadd or Lenny White was in attendance.

Scott composed, recorded and mixed all songs on this album which is a strong testament to his overall ability. Although Scott is the main musician here, Bill Elrod also contributes some tasty sax work on 4 tracks to round out the overall sound. With a solid funky, often jazzy basis upon which to concoct his appetizing brew of songs, Scott is so adept at bringing a unique and yet challenging bevy of tunes to the table for your delectation.

Using a plethora of sounds from any number of instruments you want to name, this is what Allan Holdsworth should be and could be doing. His mastery of the guitar, keyboards and percussion is simply breathtaking and elicits any amount of awe one musician can have for another.

The timing, structure and execution of his music is so intense and impressive and yet it possesses an emotional quality that pertains to a string of single notes that are played so delicately well and with truly professional precision. The track, “Heartland” is such a song with a degree of thoroughness in its arrangements that leave you in amazement at just how versatile this man is.

Just when you thought things could not be improved upon, Scott unleashes “Eek, A Mouse” on the listener with some of the most amazing amount of compelling chops and time changes I have heard in eons. If you have a penchant for music that rewards the listener who accepts the challenge proffered from a truly talented musician and who knows no boundaries to the inventiveness and originality to which his songs can aspire, then you will need to add his name to your wants list immediately.

This is without doubt the best jazz/rock/fusion album I have heard in over 3 years and will be in heavy rotation on my CD player for a long time to come. This comes with my highest recommendation for a brilliant release that surely heralds the arrival of a name synonymous with the biggest names in the game.

For anyone into Brand X, Lenny White, Allan Holdsworth, Return To Forever, Steve Vai, Janne Schaffer, Mastermind or Nathan Mahl, you can do no wrong with this one.

Reviewer: Greg Cummins Score: 5 Stars


“With a farewell nod to one of my favorite musicians Shawn Lane, may he rest in peace! The irony of fate has me introducing to you the reader, Scott Jones. Why the irony? Scott Jones is a multi-instrumental musical genius who also happens to be a great guitarist, and he is just releasing his debut recording called Freedom on the Progressive Arts label, the irony being that Scott is much in line with Shawn’s style and expertise on multi-instruments.

While Shawn Lane’s friends and family, and fans alike, mourn the loss of his all too short life, we can return to the many recordings that he left as a reminder of what a true innovator and blessed musician he was. My apologies for the tribute to Shawn in a review for Scott Jones, but to my ears, his fans should be looking very hard to find this cd, Scott Jones is not a household name to the fusion public, but the music he is presenting on Freedom will no doubt elevate what should be a large interest in his musical prowess.

In visiting Scott’s website, one gets the impression that he is the accidental, oh by the way, I have a fusion cd out, kind of person. He is hugely involved in ministry, teaching, and church related activities, and his site relates more to his life than his music. So much unlike the typical musician that desires to be known as a musician first, person second. This humble approach to self- portrayal certainly doesn’t take away his aggressive and technical approach to writing and performing his music. The songs on this cd are anything but humble, passive or laid back. On the contrary, Scott Jones provides much depth, and sheer technical brilliance to his music, in many ways he has captured the writing styles of Zappa, Corea, Zawinul, Lane, Henderson/Willis and a few others, and fused them into his own individual sound, to write such music is impressive enough, yet Scott also performs every instrument, and with a high level of competence I might add.

Like Shawn Lane, Scott is a most impressive musician, and really sets the standard on what I am guessing is his main instrument, the guitar. Though, I should say, of the 16 short pieces on the disc, not one is done in a vain or showoffish way. Jones has more commitment towards composition savvy than to waste time shredding or improvising mindlessly. This is the sign of musical maturity, and the confidence of expressing oneself through instrumentation without seeming contrived or impersonal as many guitarists seem to do these days.

I strongly urge those of you who have read this far to go to Scott’s site and sample some of the mps’s and vids there, I am sure they will make you a believer if this review has yet to convince you. There are a lot of things to check out there.”


“Freedom is packed with some of the finest and widely diverse fusion/prog instrumentation and guitar playing to come out of the last decade.  To simple state that Jones is a musical genius with jaw dropping technical abilities would be an understatement. Freedom is a showcase, introducing the world to a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist who has complete control over the guitar and every other instrument that falls into his hands. The entire CD is a landmark release with evolutionary implications that should help to re-define Fusion.
Never one to waste musical space, Jones seems to have the uncanny ability to stretch musical boundaries about as far as they can be stretched all the while maintaining musical coherence. In a world full of “repeat-rewind-repeat” musicians and musical statements it is refreshing to come across someone so willing to push the limits and project onto a higher plane.

Scott Jones revolutionizes progressive / fusion music on “Freedom” and comes up with a masterpiece of originality. This entire CD will slay the masses in progressive, jazz-fusion circles worldwide and is a must have for the serious music connoisseur.”



The music of Scott Jones about more than just guitar playing, though that is

his primary instrument. The music you’ll find on his C.D. “Freedom” is all

about intense and meticulously crafted composition. To say this will be a

landmark fusion release is an understatement. Scott embodies that magic

often employed by the likes of Tribal Tech, Return to Forever, Herbie Hancock

and the like, while not aping his heroes and allowing his own voice to shine.

(Eric Hoffman, Progressive Arts Music)


Scott Jones has been received very well by Gnarly Geezer fans. His new CD

“Freedom” will become a classic in the future of this budding artist.

(Tom Voli, Gnarly Geezer Records-Holdsworth’s old label)


Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz, Kazumi Watanabe, Bill Connors, Shawn Lane, TJ

& Brett, Gambale… these cats had better watch out because Scott Jones,is

going to be added to your libraries if you enjoy the above giants. He

performs all the instrumentation with an added saxophone on a few tracks.

…his abilities on all the instrumentation is phenomenal… I’d like to

hear how cats like Tom Kennedy, Anthony Jackson, Chick Corea, Jay Oliver,

Weckl, Chambers or Donati’s ideas would fit with his vision. Oh yeah, notice

the giants that I selected…he’s that good!!! He’s on Holdsworth’s label or

check him out! You’ll be glad you did!

–GT, Audiophile Imports Forum


I gotta say that I had a very powerful reaction to seeing Scott play. There

are a very few guys I have seen play in person, for whom the music really

does seem to flow through them rather than from them…it seems to come from

another space or source. I’m not a particularly religious guy (unlike Scott)

but I do believe in a force that among other things allows some of us to

transcend and uplift. I hear the voice of “God” in this sense in Scott’s


(Rob Quail, Guitarist-Toronto Ontario)


Heads-up folks!

Yet another joyous find!

This is the GOOD stuff!

Trust me, just order this now. Imagine Chick Corea jamming with

Holdsworth and MacAlpine with a dash of Gong vibes and Bob Berg-ish

sax. Schweeeettttt!

At least someone remembers still, just what great fusion really sounds


(John W. Patterson,


“I never understood how some can make this kind of virtuosity sound so frigging effortless. To me, it’s against the laws of physics. Playing virtuos stuff on piano is physically much easier, I think. Did that before, then trying guitars, and really struggled. It felt physically impossible, and yet I claim I used to be very talented in learning motions and such. Highest respect and praise.” Fredrik Park – Composer


There’s some great playing here; Scott Jones is obviously an extremely

talented guy!

I’ll give it a thumbs up…these are some of the best

sequenced drums I’ve heard…

It’s a terrific debut, and I really look forward to

hearing more from Scott in the future.

(Mike Uchima, Fusenet)






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