SUPPORT your fellow musicians and artists NOW

PLEASE. for the love of GOD, SUPPORT your fellow musicians and artists NOW. While they are still alive. Encourage others to do the same. I’m ESPECIALLY talking about artists on the fringe. People like Holdsworth, who have the conviction to STAY TRUE to who they are and not compromise their artistic integrity for a paycheck, they NEED US. NOW. (Imagine a world without not only musicians, but INNOVATORS like Charlie Parker, Holdsworth, Stravinsky, Zappa, Hendrix)

Why are there so few hitting the scene now? Because it sucks to even try for most of them. (Why are we even teaching kids how to play an instrument at all if they are going to just end up broke and suffering?) I often tell MY students, sadly, to do something ELSE for a living, but to try as hard as they can to get as good as they can. THAT is a terrible place to be in, as a society. They should have the same chance to be wide-eyed, dreamers, like WE were.

STOP SHARING FREE FILES. PURCHASE their music. BUY concert tickets and merch. GO to their local shows (and tell the clubs you LIKE them supporting independent artists). PAY FOR LESSONS with them. TELL them you appreciate their endeavors.

Turn your friends, family and students on to their music and teach them about intellectual property, assuring they will be more likely to spend MONEY on the artists they learn about. (Artists BUST their asses on a track, release it and it sinks like a stone and they are often left wondering “why the hell do I even bother anymore?”) Tell them. BUY IT. SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!

If you have industry connections that could help someone you totally love, SET THEM UP with a contact and help them get support and get heard, so they can thrive.

Do what you can to ELEVATE TRUE artistry and educate people on the emptiness and shallow sea of 4 chord, auto-tuned crap, and the VALUE of breaking down barriers as some like Allan did. Share LINKS to PURCHASE the products of your favorite players.

The occasional YouTube video might get someone interested, but INSIST they go and pay for it. Tell them WHY this is a GOOD thing to do.

Support artists just for being bold enough to take a chance. I lead by example. I often will buy someone’s music to encourage them, even if it isn’t entirely “my” thing. It encourages them to stay true to who they are. THAT is just as important as YOU liking it on a deep personal level.

To you, it’s only $10, $20, $50 but add that up if you ensure 100 other people do the same, Imagine what that would do for someone? And if you KNOW someone who is kicking ass, but broke and not financially astute, GUIDE them to proper decisions, so they don’t make BAD ones and wind up poor in the end.

Thank you. (and share the SHIT out of this post).


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