R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth


My heart goes out to Louise, Rori, Emily, Sam, and all who knew and loved him.

I had the opportunity to hang out for a few hours with Allan at NAMM this year. I was able to really sit and talk with him at length, and tell him how much he meant to me, to his fans, and tell him just how much of a positive impact he had on the world. He teared up a little and was extremely grateful for everyone’s support through the years. In that space, among many other things, I just wanted him to hear how loved he was. How much his fans treasured him.

My favorite moment was sharing pictures and stories of my kids with him. He was so kind and receptive. (We spent maybe a total of 10-15 minutes talking anything about music). Because I know he gets inundated with that all the time, I just let it be a nice time without all of that.

The main point I wanted him to hear was “we love you, we are grateful.” All of us wishing we had said these things, deeply, to him while he was here…I did. For all of us. I made sure of it.

The reason I share the story at all is not to boast. I’m not the only person to have met him or hung out at length. I wasn’t his best friend, nor did I call him every day.

I just want to let everyone know that he appreciated all of you, that he heard about our love clearly, in a down to earth manner, without the usual hustle of a meet and greet, or the pressure surrounding a gig.

It was a unique and special time I will cherish forever. He was such a sweet man and a lovely presence to be around. You’d never know he was a Legend.

Even though the circumstances are profoundly sad, I thought to myself (while driving and listening to Holdsworth), that at this very moment, Allan’s music is likely being listened to, ALL AT ONCE, by MORE people than at any time in history. That brought a smile and a tear.

His impact will outlast us all.

Rest well, Master. You’ve earned it.16422231_10155611750110021_6672013467292161795_o




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