Stop Worrying About Becoming the “Next Big Thing”

All too often, I think that players get caught up in becoming “the next Legendary, Impactful Musician” and lose sight of just “Becoming”.
Allow time to pass. With it, let your passion for creating bring you into Becoming. Becoming the fully realized, most authentically expressed possible YOU.
If, over the course of Time’s Arrow, your Becoming is remembered, then it will be.
if, conversely, you spend all of your allotted slice of Time’s Arrow, burning your fuel of Creative Self on trying to be marked as “Great”, or “As Great As”, you will have failed to fulfill one of Life’s greatest achievements: Becoming entirely, your Truest Self.
Those musicians who have become our Legends, have done so with ZERO intention towards the goal of being remembered. Their ONLY intention was to simply Become Themselves, fully expressed.
Ask: “is what I am doing right now, allowing the fullest, most authentic version of my truest expression, to manifest?”
Ask: “is what I am doing right now, merely an attempt at duplicating someone ELSE’S full realization of THEIR truest, most authentic expression?”
Certainly, to be inspired, to be influenced, to model, are all paths to realization. But, at some point, we must release that which sparked our growth, to it’s own path and pursue our own, independent expression.

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