RECOMMENDED LISTENING – PURCHASE Jazz Guitarist and Composer Juan Dhas

Let’s embrace the clarity that is the incredibly fluid, flawlessly expressed music of guitarist and composer Juan Dhas.

At only 20 years old, Juan Dhas has released a collection of compositions driven by rich harmonic depth, flowing improvisation, colorful atmospherics and silky guitar tones usually reserved for players twice his age.

A graduate of Berklee and student of guitarist Tim Miller, Juan has taken his experience in those environs to the next logical step: forging an original interpretation of his broad influences, nodding to his mentor, and creating something fresh from his recent time in academia.

All too often, jazz students and recent grads plow forward with a relentless drive to impress and use everything they’ve learned on every tune. As if they are in the heat of their senior recital with all faculty ears attuned.

With Mr. Dhas, he presents an amazingly mature soundscape with laser focused clarity and purposefully embraces a pacing that builds. Never falling into the trappings of youthful insecurities, overstating everything to assure us of his prowess.

Quite the opposite. Juan Dhas takes us on a journey. And it’s a journey reminiscent of the late 70’s ECM label, if I am to associate it with anything familiar. Like those classic recordings from the Classic ECM days, there is an arc to each composition. An arc to the release as a whole. And and overall sense of “place”.

The band is excellent, responsive, attuned to one another. They compliment Juan and his vision with purpose and passion, as if the project were their own. Without overshadowing one another, Juan on guitar; Benjamin Furman on Piano/Keyboards; Alex Gorchesky on Bass; and Aaron Lawson on Drums allow the music to be the protagonist of this story. The journey to be the reason to maintain rapt attention.

I’m not the kind of reviewer who, song by song, attempts to paint pictures of each one with descriptions of solos, tones, and moments created. Rather, I will leave that to each listener. Take the journey. Allow your own soul to connect to the aural landscapes within. Know that it’s a journey worth taking and trust that it will leave you not merely impressed, but moved by having experienced it.

At 7.00USD it’s a steal of a deal on BandCamp:

– Scott Jones (For the Evolving Musician, Composer, guitarist)


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