Recommended Purchase – Scott Henderson “Vibe Station”

Likely the Guitar Release of the Decade, or this Century thus far. Seriously.

Dear Lords of Fusion, the new Scott Henderson release is beyond amazing. His clearest, best conceived work since the mid 90’s Tribal Tech. (And that’s no slight to anything else he’s done, for real, it’s ALL brilliant, just giving a benchmark).

Anyway…The tone alone is orgasmic. A master class in everything that’s great about the genre. The writing, the depth of harmonic concept, the improv language…all truly remarkable and the work of a living legend.

The band is as killing as any he’s ever been with, too. Travis Carlton on bass and Alan Hertz on drums (also engineered). If you play guitar in ANY genre, from rock, to blues, to traditional jazz, to blistering fusion, and you DON’T buy this, shame on you. Your brain will and heart will never forgive you. It would be like not owning Are You Experienced. If you’re a bassist or a drummer you owe it to yourself to hear this sensitive, air tight rhythm section. It’s one of the best and most supportive I’ve heard in years.

(Links to buy below).

Reminder, if you PIRATE THIS, you are STEALING DIRECTLY from the man himself and his family. This includes uploading the tracks to YouTube and posting them throughout the web. Let Scott do that if he wants on his own page and let HIM get the revenue. You do it, you’re just being a thief.

Also, don’t listen to this on some crappy phone or device speakers. The production is crystalline and deep. A ton of work went into crafting the SOUND OF THIS RECORD. Do yourself a favor. Listen on a system worthy of the art.

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